Raum 210, 2023

Nura Afnan-Samandari.
The Gate comes to the fore and shows the way into the drawing, 2023. 208 x 408 cm.
One drawing is dreaming the other, 2023. 119 x 68 cm.
Installation, glazed clay.

Group Show with Fynn Bierik (bed), Philipp Krabbe (lamps), Kathi Irmen (shelf and objects), Viola Pfeffer (sound installation). Rundgang, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.

© Dirk Grobenly

Kleine Teppiche, 2019-2022

Ongoing series of hand woven gobelin carpets.

© Fritz Willner

Haus mit blauen Fenstern, 2020

Solo Exhibition at BaustelleSchaustelle Düsseldorf.

© Jana Buch

© Nura Afnan-Samandari